Does Penis Size Matter To A Woman?

For many men, a larger penis is a symbol that correlates with their manhood and pride. Does a bigger penis mean better sex? Does size matter to a woman? What do women really think about size? And come to think of it, what is the average size?

What is the Average Size?
Most men think that excited size is 6 inches and above. However, when the clinical researchers looked into actual size and measured it in the clinic rather than self-reporting, they found that the average erect penis is 5.16 inches with an average girth of 4.59 inches. Average flaccid length and girth are estimated to be 3.6 inches and 3.66 inches respectively. 68% of men are between 4.6 and 6 inches long. About 16% of men have an erect penis size longer than 6.1 inches, and of those only 2.5% are over 6.9 inches.
It is very common for men to worry about the size of their penis or that it won't satisfy their lover. Past research has shown 85% of women were satisfied with their partner’s penis size, but only 55% of the men were satisfied with their own size. So most men underestimate their actual size compared with that of other men.
Lots of people believe that the bigger the shoe equates to a bigger penis. However, there's no evidence that penis size is related to shoe size or any other body part, nor is it related to ethnicity or sexual orientation. It's determined by a combination of genetics and environmental factors.

Does Penile Size actually matter?
In fact, size is regularly ranked as one of the least important things for women. According to some research, only 4% to 18% of women orgasm from penetration alone, the rest need external clitoral stimulation either alone or coupled with penetration. Researchers asked women what's your most reliable route to orgasm and only 4% said penetration alone without clitoral stimulation. Penis size doesn't matter to female pleasure except in those rare 4% of people who orgasm from penetration alone. In reality, multiple studies have indicated that most women don’t place much importance on the size of men’s penises. One study of sexually active women revealed that 21% of the women found the length of the penis important (20%) and very important (1%). 77% of the women surveyed found the length of penises unimportant (55%) or totally unimportant (22%).
During intercourse, vaginal expansion allows women to accommodate penises in a variety of shapes and sizes, so the size is not so important. For many women, length has less to do with sexual pleasure than you might expect, the only size that matters is the girth, because the most sensitive part of the vagina is in the outer regions.
More important than size is empathy, confidence and communication. There was a study, they asked women what's the most important thing to you during intercourse, no woman mentioned penis size. They mentioned lovers who care about their pleasure, who communicate with them, who know about the clitoris. Women care more about feeling connected and getting clitoral stimulation and other things that can really bring them more pleasure than the size of penis.
The most two sensitive parts of the female is the clitoris and the G-spot, are both easily reached and aroused. So don’t worry about the size, learn communication skills, learn clitoral & G-spot stimulation. The size makes no difference and we must stop making jokes about penis size because it just contributes to this insecurity and it's not good for anybody.

A Bigger Penis = More Pleasure?
When it comes to penises, bigger isn't always better.
Long penises may hit your cervix during thrusting, which can be painful. And a penis with extra girth may tear delicate vaginal tissues if you don't use enough lubricant. Big penises hurt, and sex is supposed to feel good not feel like you’re giving birth to a baby elephant.
Men who perform in pornographic films are reported to have significantly larger-than-average penises, coupled with potentially exaggerated responses from porn actresses to these larger penises, this may mislead people into thinking females want these oversized as thick as wrists penises, and that is not true in real life. You wouldn't learn to drive from a fast and furious movie, so you shouldn't learn to have sex from pornography. It's entertainment, not education, they're just actors and actresses.

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