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Orgasm Monster Pro

Orgasm Monster Pro

High Frequency Clit Stimulator

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Material: Body-safe silicone, ABS

Weight: 4.8 oz

Waterproof: Submersible

Power: Magnetic USB rechargeable

Movement: 10 vibration patterns

Motors: 1

Battery: Lithium-ion battery

Package Included

1× Vibrator
2× Attached silicone heads
1× USB Charging cable
1× Drawstring pouch
1× Manual

Care Guide

● How to Clean

Wash with mild soap and water to remove the debris and bacteria on the surface, avoid harsh soaps like dish soap. While washing, remember to keep the motor and battery compartment dry. After cleaning, use paper towels or clean washcloths to air-dry the toy.

● How to Store

We suggest storing your toys in “something breathable (not plastic),” to cut down on odor. Toys should be stored in a cool, dark, dry place, such as a shelf or drawer. Keep toys out of direct sunlight or anywhere they might get wet, such as the bathroom.


We provide 1-year warranty, you can check more details Here.

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    Upgraded version of the original Orgasm Monster. The new version is bigger, longer and stronger

    Are you eager to have orgasm? How long have you not experienced the pleasure of orgasm? Then, this incredible orgasm monster is just for you!

    This small and slim wand massager is totally different from traditional vibrators, it has the strongest vibration and highest frequency we’ve ever seen. With 3 flexible tips, G spot stimulation, clitoris stimulation and nipple stimulation can be achieved in one adult sex toy. Girls, go to have a try, orgasm or even ejaculation comes quickly and easily! 



    • High frequency: up to 12000 times per minute
    • 7 Frequency modes
    • 3 Flexible tips
    • 100% Waterproof
    • Silent
    • Magnetic Rechargeable
    • Healthy, safe and soft silicone material

    Bullet Point 1

    Precise & Targeted Vibration

    Unlike other vibrators or dildos, their tips are too big to target the specific sensitive zone, the tip of this female toy is very small, so it can concentrate all vibrations on one point, in addition, this orgasm monster comes with a very powerful motor, thus the stimulation will be as much powerful as possible.

    Bullet Point 2

    Intense & High Frequency

    The rotating speed of this wand massager can be up to 12000 times per minute, 7 modes to choose. Thus the vibration will be very intense and sensitive, orgasm comes quickly and easily. If adjust properly, you may enjoy an ejaculation!

    Bullet Point 3

    3 Flexible Soft Tips

    Along with the original pulse tip, this toy comes with a tongue tip and a rabbit tip. If you prefer an intense and stiff vibration, use the original tip, you can feel the pulse strongly. For clitoris stimulation, use the tongue tip, it will lick your clit roughly. For nipple stimulation, use the rabbit tip. Or you can explore in your own way, to find unbelievable excitement!

    Bullet Point 4

    Quiet, Waterproof & Rechargeable

    Less than 50db, 100% waterproof, you can use it in bathroom or taking shower. Magnetic Charger, easy and fast to charge. Soft and healthy silicone material, safe to use, easy to clean.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Fun little toy.

    Easy to use, fun to play with, quite interesting. Just not quite as powerful as I hoped for.

    Willy loves you

    Great product definitely perfected for a woman to have several orgasms in very little a bit noisy but be silenced with noise around vibration definitely puts the hand to sleep, designed very elegantly with a ladies touch, but all worth it a the very end.

    Can see where it gets the name

    This definitely doesnt disappoint I am yet to use this on my G-spot, but on my clit, well, I was shaking This toy is very powerful and like the others, it has multiple different speeds/variations of movement. Just make sure you use lots of lube or are very wet as like I say, its powerful. Would definitely recommend ;)

    Lives up to its name

    Ive been trying to explore my pleasures and with my exs help he recommended this site. I thought this would be a good first purchase and now it turned out to be the best purchase. I got my waterworks going and so pleased with item. Looking forward to sharing it with my partner.
    Only complaint I have and its not even a bad one. But the description says its silent. Its not, has the same normal vibration sound.
    In the end, I very happy client!

    My favorite

    I bought the Orgasm Monster last year, then when they released the Pro version, I bought again. They never make me disappointed, extremely powerful, I love it, still my favorite toy till now. For this amazing toy, everyone should have a try.

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