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3-in-1 Sucking & Flapping Monster

3-in-1 Sucking & Flapping Monster
3-in-1 Sucking & Flapping Monster
3-in-1 Sucking & Flapping Monster
3-in-1 Sucking & Flapping Monster
3-in-1 Sucking & Flapping Monster
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Multiple orgasms? Yes please! You're going to love this vibrator for so many reasons. It has an amazing clitoral sucker and a flapping G-spot stimulator, so you can enjoy the clitoral massage and G spot simulation together. Besides, the vibrator comes with 10 unique sucking modes, 10 vibrating modes and 10 flapping modes, your masturbation experience will be definitely refreshed!

3 in 1 Multi-functions

You can’t imagine how amazing this vibrator is! It combines 3 functions together, and each part works to its fullest. The tip vibrates powerfully, it can massage your vagina deeply and tightly; the flapping ball on the middle of the shaft hits quickly and rudely, it works even better than you man’s finger; and the sucking part is a surprise too, it sucks strongly, besides there is a small tongue in it to lick you rhythmically. This sex toy can satisfy your sexual desire of your whole body, from boobs, to clitoris, to G spot, and to vagina. Want orgasms instantly Get this toy!

Triple Pleasures with Multi Modes

This vibrator is designed with 3 separate motors, one for vibration, one for G-spot flapping, the other one for sucking & licking. Each function can be controlled separately. It has 10 vibration modes, 10 flapping modes, and 10 sucking & licking modes. You can turn on 3 functions together or use them separately, just find your most enjoyable way!

Body-safe Silicone & Whisper Quiet

Made from medical-grade silicone, non-toxic, odorless and skin-friendly. It touches very soft and comfortable in hand. It’s also a silent clit & G spot vibe, play it without any worries, your neighbors will never hear any sound, embarrassing moments won’t happen at all.

Magnetic USB Rechargeable

This clitoral vibrator has a built-in rechargeable battery, so you can easily charge the toy with your phone charger, computer, or power bank. With the magnetic charging technology, you don’t need to plug the charging cable into the port with any strength. Charging cable will be attached automatically when close to the port. The vibrator can work for 2 hours after fully charged.

IP65 Waterproof & Easy to Clean

This vibrator is IP65 waterproof protection, suitable for use in the shower or bathtub. Its smooth surface makes it easy to clean. Bring your beloved toys and enjoy your private time in the bathtub! After use, just wash it with soap and warm water, then dry it with a towel and store it in a cool place. 

Get this sexy monster to light up your night!