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Rose Clitoris Sucker

Rose Clitoris Sucker
Rose Clitoris Sucker
Rose Clitoris Sucker
Rose Clitoris Sucker
Rose Clitoris Sucker
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This clitoral sucking vibrator is shaped like a beautiful rose, very powerful suction. With 7 intense frequencies, it works great for clitoris and nipple stimulation. Quiet and waterproof, it’s an amazing oral sex toy for women and couples, you can use it solo or with your partner.

7 Intense Sucking Frequencies

This rose clitoris sucker has 7 intense sucking frequencies, all the frequencies are powerful indeed. The rotating airflow generated by the internal vibration sucks and teases the clitoris and nipple, giving you the real feeling of oral sex. This vibrator is a must-have for people who are looking for clitoris stimulation.

Beautiful Design & Silky Silicone

Designed like a rose, this oral sex toy looks very romantic and elegant, you can put it in your bedroom as a decoration, nobody will find it’s a sex toy. The vibrator is made of body-safe and silky smooth silicone, it touches so nice and comfortable when holding in hands, hygienic and odorless. The whole body is very friendly to your skin, no need to worry about security at all.

Waterproof & Quiet

This rose boy is waterproof, you can use it in bathtub solo or with your partner, with the powerful suction, it must be very fun to suck and tease your clitoris or nipples in the water. The sound is lower than 50db, very quiet, your neighbors or roommates cannot hear the sound. Just enjoy it as much as you can!  

Magnetic USB charging

This clit sucker is magnetic USB charging, you don’t need to find the charging port, or push the cable into the port. When the USB is near the charging base, it will be connected and charged automatically. Charge for 1.5 hours, to have fun for 2 hours! 

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