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Honey Ducky

Honey Ducky

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This duck-shaped toy is a clitoral sucking vibrator for clit and nipple stimulation. It has 7 modes of suction, waterproof and rechargeable. A very pretty sex toy for women or couples.

Mimic the sensations of oral sex

This small sucking vibrator mimics the sensation of oral sex, it sucks your clit and nipples like a real person. If you don’t have a partner to have oral sex, then this honey ducky can be a good companion.

7 modes of suction

Honey ducky vibrator has 7 modes of suction, from strong to gentle, you can adjust to your own favorite. Different modes gives different pleasures. Easy to switch, just press the button, then stimulation begins.

USB Rechargeable

This clitoris sucking vibrator is magnetic USB rechargeable, you can charge it anywhere you want, connect to a PC or power bank, or on your car, battery will never die. In addition, with its small size, it’s a very suitable option for travel. 

Safe Silicone & Waterproof

This oral sucking vibrator is made of soft and body-safe silicone and ABS. It’s smooth, non-porous and odorless. You can play it in water when taking a bath or shower, sound is quiet.  

If you’re single, get this ducky as your honey; if you’re married, get this ducky to be an additional companion!

Customer Reviews

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This is the single greatest toy Ive ever owned! No lie I orgasmed in 2 seconds. It was the strongest one Ive ever had! I couldnt move and ended up having 3 smaller ones. I have NEVER came more than once in one sitting. Thank you for this amazing creation. Oh and the box was so discreet it was an Amazon box with an ad about paramount plus. Will definitely order more things??