TOY TEST – Funzze LED Display Wand Massager

Author: Morgan Destera            

Original Link: TOY TEST – Funzze LED Display Wand Massager

October 20, 2022

Yes, I have a Hitachi Magic Wand, and yes it is one of my favorite toys. But this wand from Funzze may overtake it.

Although not quite as strong as a Hitachi (only because the Magic Wand plugs into an outlet for use), this toy packs a punch. It is also a lot lighter weight so it’s easier on your wrist and hands. It weighs only around half a pound, and is smaller in stature as well. I have broken my wrist twice and have a bit of arthritis in it as well as my fingers so this is a lot better for me to use. It is also cordless so you have more freedom with it. I find this a great asset as the plugs in my bathroom are not spaced well and often make it difficult to use my Hitachi.

Another plus is that this wand has 10 modes of operation, while a Hitachi has only two, high and low. Each mode also has four levels of intensity! The LED display on this shows you the intensity as well as the pattern so it’s easier to remember. The display also shows the battery level as well as how long you have used it.

I am also happy that this toy has the push pin charging. This is so much nicer than magnetic – you don’t have to worry about the connectors falling off. Each charge is good for one to two hours of use.

Because this toy is so lightweight, it’so easy to take with you when traveling. That is a huge plus in my book and helps earn it 4.8 stars out of 5. This is one product I will recommend to friends everywhere!

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