8 Fun Ways to Use a Wand Massager

8 Fun Ways to Use A Wand Massager

For literally decades, the classic wand massager has been one of the most popular sex toys. Many people have questions about how to use a magic wand because it can be pretty intense. Before you do, please note the wand vibrator is not going to give you the traditional vibrations that a vibrator gives you. It is used differently than a lot of other vibes: you don’t insert it anywhere, but instead, just hold the massive round vibrating head against your lady parts. The vibrations are so strong that you don’t even need to put it directly on your clitoris, just in the near vicinity. You’ll come off at an almost alarming and intense rate.

Here are our eight awesome and fun ways to use your wand massager. Scroll down and learn.


1. Warm-up

Wash the head with antibacterial soap and warm water before applying it to your body. Try using it on your nipples, arms, and legs first. That can help get you used to the level of sensation and can start teasing your mind and body.

Select Your Body Part

Start on the lowest power, and explore what types of genital stimulation feel good. Try using your wand over your underwear or soft clothing if the first setting feels too powerful.

Once you’ve got a setting that feels pleasurable, find a comfortable way to sit or lie, as you breathe, relax, and continue to explore the stimulation.


2. Apply Gentle Pressure

The simplest thing to do is to apply steady and gentle pressure to a sensitive area of your body. You simply need to find an area that feels wonderful to touch and simply hold it there, making sure that it's creating pleasurable sensations.

Holding the wand in just one place for even a short period of time can cause a feeling of numbness because the vibrations are strong. It's important to remember that you are not damaging or desensitizing the nerves. If you experience a loss of sensation, back off and give yourself a break from the vibration.

When you push the vibrator into the skin too hard, the vibrations are going to be reduced and the sensations are going to be less intense. So don‘t push the vibrator into the body but apply very gentle pressure so that the vibrations can have the best benefit for your body.


3. “Kiss” Your Clit

It's fun to apply the vibrator in a pulsating manner. When you're applying the touch and the stimulation of your clit with the vibrator, it makes your clit super sensitive. But when you take it away, it's like a teasing sort of sensation because your clit wants to keep being stimulated, so you are kind of teasing yourself when you're taking the touch away and then bringing it back for a shorter or longer while.

You should just gently let the tip of the wand kiss your clit. Slowly drag it downwards as you're using it or tap it downwards just so you can see how it feels because the vibration strength is super strong. So just get to know that first before pressing it up against your clit.

As you get more experienced or if you need more powerful vibrations, most wands have a nice flexible neck that's when you can use it to press up and massage your clit.


4. Go in Circles

It is also wonderful to move the wand vibrator around your genital area because there is not only one sensitive spot there. You might be surprised with what you find when you allow the vibrator to simply wander around and move, and caress different parts of your vulva, allowing it to stay in different sensitive spots for a little bit longer. Once you find a yummy, delicious spot that enjoys vibration, you can circle or spiral around it, meaning that after staying on it for a little bit you can move the vibrator around. This is also a very teasing stroke because this spot in the middle there, the one that you are at the moment trying to avoid, is the one that is screaming for stimulation, that is wanting it and enjoying it. So you can make circles and spiral in closer and closer until you tease that spot a little bit more. And then you can move away a little bit longer.


5. Edging

Typically, when we use a vibrator on the clitoris or around the clitoris, we can make ourselves come quickly. This kind of quick orgasm, quick release can be fun but it's not usually typically very satisfying. This is why edging can bring us much more fulfillment and sexual satisfaction.

Bring yourself to high states of arousal by stimulating your most sensitive spots, and then when you feel highly aroused, move the vibrator around, which will still please you but won't build up your arousal as much. And then, when you feel that arousal has dropped a bit, you can again bring the vibrator to the clitoris or around the clitoris and bring yourself up higher towards the orgasm. Before you finally allow yourself to orgasm, it will create much, more fun for you, and the orgasm will be much more powerful in the end.


6. Anal Play

Get plenty of water-based lube ready before you begin. Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn't self-lubricate, meaning you’ll be opening yourself up to potential tears in the skin as well as a whole lot of pain if you go it unlubricated. We suggest applying lube directly on the anus and your finger. Slowly try to penetrate your anus with your finger to see how it feels. At first, it will feel very different and weird to most. Once you have achieved penetration, you can try to use two fingers at once. Getting to the level of two fingers could take days if not weeks of practice.

When you are comfortable with anal stimulation with your fingers, you can give the wand a try. First, turn on your wand and rub your anal area with it and see how this feels. If your wand massager is compatible with anal attachments, you can add even more versatile pleasure to your sex toy. Go slow and ease into yourself with the attachment while the wand is in the off position. Once you feel comfortable with the attachment, you could turn on the wand at a low speed.


7. Dual Stimulation

For some extra added fun, you can combine the vibration with internal stimulation. While you're stimulating yourself (or your partner) with the wand externally, you can insert your finger or a dildo, or a vibrating bullet, or anything else inside of the vagina so that you're blending the stimulation, external stimulation of the vibrator with the internal stimulation of the vaginal canal.


8. Full-body Exploration

You should not forget that your vibrating toy can not only work wonders on your genital area but anywhere on your entire body. There is no limit to where you can use it - you can use it on your skin, on your chest, on your nipples, on your belly, on your thighs, on your feet, on your neck - anywhere you want. So be playful and creative, explore and allow your entire body to be your sexual, erotic playground.
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