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Good but not accurate

This is a great product. Good vibration settings. However, it is a little loud and it does not move like the animated picture. Vibration only!!!! Must watch video reviews to see that it is non-motion.


Thank you for your feedback. We will definitely modify the animated picture, to make it describe the product accurately! We will replace the current animated picture which is a little misleading.

Thank you for reminding us to notice it.

I little slice of heaven ❤️

This toy is amazing! Absolutely worth every penny

Noisier than I prefer

If not muffled grinding sound can be distracting and a bit annoying.

Orgasm Monster Pro
Willy loves you

Great product definitely perfected for a woman to have several orgasms in very little a bit noisy but be silenced with noise around vibration definitely puts the hand to sleep, designed very elegantly with a ladies touch, but all worth it a the very end.

G-spot Master
Juliana DeLeon
Would not recommend

Maybe my "parts" just don't line up, but I derived no pleasure from this at all.

May we know that did this toy work normally? And which part didn't do its job? We sent an email to you, but no reply yet. If this toy has any issues, we're more than happy to help.

Powerful Little Vibrator

This product is beyond amazing! I was blown away by how strong the vibration was on some of the settings. And the range of motion is crazy. I thought the above gif was an exaggeration until I saw it in person! The gif is facts friends. Accurate and so much more. Oh, and I haven't even got to the best part: the customer service. I ordered a second one as a gift, but was worried it wouldn't come in time. The awesome representatives were so quick to respond, they helped me figure out the best shipping/tracking info. Just love this product, love this company. Really happy overall.

Couple Sharing Vibrator
Giannis Makryonitis

Couple Sharing Vibrator

Pink “O” Clitoral Sucker
Andrea Montes De Oca
Calling all rave babes!

This thing is trippy! The combination of super targeted sensation with the flashing heart light takes the experience to another level! There’s several different settings to choose from and they are all amazing! Take a solo trip or take a partner along for the ride. It’s designed to fit perfectly in your hand, so feel free to get creative!

Wow! Just WOW!

Got this bad boy in after some delayed shipping issues. Charged it up during the day in anticipation of using it on my girl later that evening. All I can say is wow! Applied some flavored lube. Gave ger some kisses down below for several minutes before using our new toy. When I finally did.... it had her writhing in pleasure in seconds. I've never seen her cum so fast. We've only used it 3 times now in under a week and a half because of the kids being home. But all 3 times she squirted and orgasmed multiple times. One of those times she squirted in literally less than 20 seconds. Its insane how good this makes her feel. And when she feels good, I feel good. Excellent product. Will definitely buy another one when this one finally gives out.

Can see where it gets the name

This definitely doesnt disappoint I am yet to use this on my G-spot, but on my clit, well, I was shaking This toy is very powerful and like the others, it has multiple different speeds/variations of movement. Just make sure you use lots of lube or are very wet as like I say, its powerful. Would definitely recommend ;)


This is absolutely perfect for somebody like me whos clit is relatively sensitive. It is so, so soft and has so many different speeds/movements. Also very easy to hold and isnt heavy, so your arm doesnt begin to ache, not that youll be holding it for too long anyway if you know what I mean ;) Highly recommend!

Rose Clitoris Sucker
Tammy Taylor
The Rose

I love it my hubby purchased it for us on 11/25/21 for our 1 year wedding anniversary! It intensifies our love making because he feels the vibration also. 2 ???? ???? Thumbs up!


This toy is absolutely my new favorite toy. Everything about it is amazing! My favorite part about it is that its so realistic. The thrusting settings are rad too. HIGHLY recommend

Such a mindblow

Wow. Is all I can say. I love how soft it is.

Fairy Curve Vibrator
Tamara Ross McCallum
Epic!!Mind blowing

This is the best toy i have ever bought. I just want to use it all the time. The suction is amazing on your clit, the vibrations just give me multiple orgasms. If you but won't regret it.

Don't buy it if you want another person to ever give you an orgasm again.

This exact vibrator happened to pop up in a Facebook group as it had been donated to a charity shop and I thought my honest review belonged here as well as the Facebook page:

Hate to lower the tone but I've heard through the grapevine should you purchase this exact vibrator, you will never leave your house and relationships will never be meaningful , you'll spend your life chasing the vibrating dragon and life itself will be futile

Just in case anyone would like to know what this life shattering, mind blowing home wrecker can be located:

Wow, so great!

This is a fun toy for both people. I've always liked the idea of a toy that you can use together but most are uncomfortable or dont really do anything for you. This one with it's three motors can pleasure you both while the guy wears it. If you're looking for a fun addition give this a go. I also like this kind of charger it's simple and effective.

Never disappointed with Funzze!

Funzze knocks it out of the park again. I love that this toy makes a wiggle motion, unlike any other toy I have. Ten stars!
Ill only use Funzze products!


I love EVERYTHING about this!!! When I tell you BEST orgasm ever, I MEAN IT!! I wish I found this years ago ??????

I recommend :)

It is the perfect toy, for me it hits all the right spots. Love that you can bend it for perfect placement weather you like anal play or clitoral stimulation during penetration.

I would purchase again.

Wow! This is hands down my favorite toy to date! Its very soft and very smooth. I placed it on the charger and within 30 minutes it was fully charged.The insertBle part is a nice size. Slides in easily. The clit stimulation part is great, you can achieve an O in a matter of minutesGood product. Only other issue is the box was kinda messed up but overall great.

Yes - buy it

Ive tried a few products from this company and every time I love the newest model more than I thought I could!
-The material feels nice and I love that it comes with a storage bag ??
-It also has two different switches one for the dildo end and one for clit stimulater so they can be controlled independently which is great.????
-The head makes a " cum hither" motion that hits the g spot just right and the other end on the clit its complete perfection.
-A little loud, but you get some bang for your buck lol.
I would 110% recommend this toy to anyone!!!

Soft and great

The size is perfect, the texture is really soft and the contact with the body turns me really on!
The different moves, and speed increase the pleasure.
I really recommend it

Amazing quality especially for the price

Just got this in and tried it out for the first time. The first thing I noticed upon opening the box was the quality of the materials and design. This toy looks and feels like toys several times it's price. And I was not disappointed by its performance either. The vibrators and thrusting motions feel amazing! And a huge bonus for having a wireless remote. This is my first thrusting toy and I wasn't sure what to expect, it feels like throbbing inside, honestly an amazing feeling.
Clean up was also super easy. IPX6 waterproofing means you can wash it off in the sink without worry of damaging the device.
I highly recommend this toy. Good quality materials, good performance, for a great price!


This is wow! I was beyond satisfied with this. The toy was great when we first used it ,like most toys...but we didnt take the time to fully enjoy the toy then. We decided to try it again tonight and O.M.G!!!! If I had to pick one toy and throw the rest away,this would be the one I kept!!! My husband has officially nicknamed it the f$k-me silly toy ????