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I love it!! So much fun!!!

That suction cup OMG

This is the best suction cup base I have ever seen. Finally a dildo that I don't worry about popping off and interrupting the riding fun. Its strong af! I have a huge passion for dildos that are unique shaped and textured and made from pure good quality silicone.. makes it feel to exciting & amazing! so this one is now one of my fav toys! Such a great pleasurable time! If you want to know more about it, check out my review on my YouTube Channel "Trishas's pleasure toy reviews" or read my pleasure blog at

Absolute magical

Wow! I had one of the most intense back door gasm with this one! I love the smooth silicone and the different textures & sizes of the beads. Its long, but can be used just as much or far you like. It reminds me a little bit of a magic wand and it surly created some magic for me. Love a good back door buzz.. affordable as well! Only thing is, could be a little quieter but with the pleasure it provided I can ignore that.. If you want to know more about it, check out my review on my YouTube Channel "Trishas's pleasure toy reviews" or read my pleasure blog at

Ultimate Squirt Toy

I call this my ultimate squirt toy now.. I had some really amazing big releases with this double ended pleasure toy. I love the various options its giving.. The silicone feels smooth and the black looks amazing. If you want to know more about it, check out my review on my YouTube Channel "Trishas's pleasure toy reviews" or read my pleasure blog at

Double-headed Vibrator
Sándor Meszaros

Double-headed Vibrator

Stimulating and Flexible Anal Bead Toy

I love the flexibility of the toy, as it is forgiving. I am not an advanced anal toy user. this is very enjoyable with the different shaped beads, the raised wave patter, and raised bumps on the lower bead. the standby is helpful if I need to run out of the room or get extra lube. The cup on the handle area allows for me to comfortably guide it into myself or my partner and feels comfortable. I love the length so we can use as much or as little as we like.

It’s fun.

A fun fun toy

Had a lot of fun trying and playing with Ursula (yes that's the name given) , love it's length, goes pretty deep 😉

Holy Shit

Had to buy a second one so me and my partner can be sucked into orgasm land together at the same time

Vibrates on both ends for both parties and adds extra girth!

One thing I liked from this toy is how both sides vibrate so both parties involved receive pleasure. The silicone feels nice and smooth and the color I got is my favorite color/shade :) I love how the toy came with a toy bag that had the brand’s name on it so you know which toy you’ll be getting when grabbing the bag. As I have a collection of toys and don’t want the different materials mixing and ruining each other. The toy came charged, shipping was also fast. The company is very polite, respectful, and understanding, so I’d highly recommend their customer service. The couples toy also add’s some extra girth when using which I really appreciated. I would highly recommend to someone thinking of purchasing.

Just Amazing!!

Wow! This is an amazing toy! I love the quality! It’s durable and fancy! Actually the best one Iv seen! And then there’s all the features this thing has like 10 different vibrating modes, a heating mode, and I was pleasantly surprised to found out it had a thrusting mode! Not to mention it’s waterproof and has a magnetic charger. I’m super impressed with this Eggplant Vibrator!


Not disappointed at all. The material, the heating option and all the vibrating settings, just wow. It's definitely a must.

Powerful Sucking Massager
Keisha Lewis Cherfils
Just Right

It's the right size, almost quiet and does the job in a powerful way.

Very Fun and Comfortable Toy!

I love the flexibility of the toy and the fact that the inside of the sucker is sealed and I can take it into the shower with me. The color is one of my favorites...anything in the purple realm!!! The design of the sucker is very wonderful as it nestles into my private areas quite comfortably. I have the option to run both motors together or separate which makes for a nice experience since I am not always interested in using both ends. It is easy to clean and I love your branded breathable bag that comes with the toy. Your bags keep the toy safe and free from bacteria and rubbing against my other toys!!

Heating Tongue Vibrator
Keisha Lewis Cherfils

I loved it very much, but it is a little loud and hard to hold only because the tongue does move around. However, the orgasm was euphoric, the vibration is intense and that is why I recommend this product.


I'm just saying you should get this asap! I've never had any work as better as this one!

My kind of rose delivery

This are the kind of flower I love to get gifted or by myself anytime. Love the soft silicone. Definitely a great addition to the collection. More on my YouTube channel “trishaslife pleasure toy reviews”

Fairy Curve Vibrator
Kaylen Harrington

Fairy Curve Vibrator

Sucking & Licking Vibrator


This product is unlike anything I have ever experienced!!! It is absolutely worth every penny and I promise faithfully you will NOT be disappointed. I reached multiple orgasms under a minute WOW WOW WOW 🥰🥰🥰


I just got this last night and it was so pleasurable I signed up to write you this review! I was moaning so loud that I got lost in it. Throbbing and pulsating from it's ability to have so many different vibrations and strokes inside of me AND on my clit at the same time. This is really an incredible toy and I'm in love....Gotta go (you guessed it) :)

Oh My Gosh!!!

This sex toy was like, well better than maybe, having a well endowed--experienced man go down go to town...I have had a lot of sex toys and this is great because of the different sensations thrusting and sucking my clit at the same time. The clit sucker is slightly off in the measurement and sometimes I turn it around and use a clit suctioning toy instead. Love..

Wife loves it

Fun toy that the wife loves. Ive had a blast having her wear this toy well we drive around town running errands. I'll turn it on to stimulate her clit and then when shes laying back enjoying it I'll turn on the thrusting shaft part and watch her shake with pleasure.! Only issue is on/off switch is in front so if she has to adjust it sometimes she hits the switch.. Still a great toy to tease and pleasure your lady with when on the road!

Powerful Punch in a tiny package

Do not underestimate the effectiveness of this tiny thing. This bad boy had my lady writhing in pleasure in seconds, literally seconds. Just be prepared to wash your sheets, because it's going to get messy. 💦💦💦

Normal Size Silicone Dildo