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Wild Vibrating Tongue

Wild Vibrating Tongue

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This oral sex toy is tongue-shape designed, with a long, soft & flexible tongue, and a lot of silicone particles around on the root. When turned on, both the tongue and particles vibrate powerfully. You can take it as a penetration toy to stimulate G spot or anus, you can also take it as a massager to lick your clit, vagina and nipples, men can also use it to stimulate penis and testicles.

It’s definitely a powerful and wonderful adult toy for men, women, lesbians and gays!

Flexible & Soft Tongue

Every inch of the vibrating tongue is soft and comfortable. The tongue itself, is very long and flexible, you can bend it to any angle as you want, so you can target your sensitive area much easier. The multiple small particles can just fully cover your vagina, when inserted, both inside and outside will be intensely stimulated!


10 Powerful Vibration Modes

The vibrating tongue has 10 frequencies to lick or flick your clits, nipples and vagina. Its high vibration frequency can help you reach orgasm easily. Feel free to switch modes to suit your love speed, go wild with the pleasure of oral orgasm.

Body-safe Silicone Material

It’s made by 100% safe, healthy and high-quality silicone. When hold in hand, it feels so good & comfortable. No bad smells or harmful material, it is completely environment-friendly.


Silent & Waterproof

The vibrator sound is less than 50db, waterproof, portable. Take it wherever you go, let it satisfy you whenever you need.

USB Rechargeable

This luxury sex toy is completely rechargeable, so you get the most powerful, energy-efficient vibes with no batteries required!


10 Licking & vibration modes

Flexible & soft tongue


100% Waterproof


Healthy, safe material

Body size: 5.3×1.9×2.4 inch 

How to Use

  1. Long press power button to turn it on. Press and hold to turn it off.
  2. Short press power button to switch between 10 different modes.
  3. When charging, the power light will be on; when fully charged, the power light will be off. It takes 1-2 hours to fully charge, can normally use for 2 hours.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Good but not accurate

This is a great product. Good vibration settings. However, it is a little loud and it does not move like the animated picture. Vibration only!!!! Must watch video reviews to see that it is non-motion.


Thank you for your feedback. We will definitely modify the animated picture, to make it describe the product accurately! We will replace the current animated picture which is a little misleading.

Thank you for reminding us to notice it.


This is definitely a fun toy to have. Not like anything else Ive used. Gets the job done fun to use alone or with a partner ??


This product is high quality not even kidding! I have never seen a toy with such strong vibrations. When I turned it on to the maximum it was shaking my hand and was almost a bit overwhelming just being in my hand! But it does have a lot of levels of speed/intensity so you can have it comfortable at a lower level if needed. This is so cool and unique Im glad I made this purchase.